DAY 35

24 /02/24 Today , is the last day , or rather , the last hours here . We woke up early , packed our bags into the car, and headed to the airport . During the journey , I reflect on the wonderful experience I've had . I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent this month in Germany with amazing people like Helen and her circle . I'm deeply grateful for the warmth and kindness I've received from both family and friends , as well as the school community , but it's time to say googbye .   When   we arrived at the airport , we say goodbye to Helen's mother , check in our luggage , and wait for boarding . We board a bus that takes us from the airport to the plane, we embark , and after 2 hours , we're already in Spain . We collect our bags and take a bus to the Bus Station where we eat and wait for the last bus, Bilbao-Logroño. After a couple of hours , we arrive in Logr